, or its Chinese name of 网友网 [wǎngyǒuwǎng], serves as an online archive to a set of collections and interviews curated by independent curator, researcher and artist Michelle Proksell 媚潇 with support and collaboration of researcher, digital anthropologist, and musician Gabriele de Seta 胡子歌. 网友网 hopes to share the Chinese side of the Web to the rest of the Wold Wide Web through these collections, giving room for new exploration of the Chinternet and its ongoing relationship and contributions to the ethics and aesthetics of Internet and Post-Internet Art. 网友网 works with emerging Chinese and international artists who are exploring or deconstructing East/West dichotomies, engaging in Sino-centric Web aesthetics, or investigating the East online. This inclusion of both Chinese and international artists will connect geographically distant creative contexts, as well as provide a greater online presence to Mainland artists working in forms of New Media, digital or Internet art inside and outside of China.

The English name of is influenced by Western tech jargon, which originally coined the word “Netizen” in 1984.  The combination of “Internet + Citizen” to make “Netizen”, at the time of its creation, symbolized a kind of unified Web freedom amongst users.  Therefore “netizen + net” to make the project’s English name of, is a direct reference to the early idea of Web freedom defined by the West in the 80’s.

In contrast, 网友网 wǎngyǒuwǎng–the Chinese name–translates humorously to “Internet Friend Network” and is a reference to early interactions on the Web between Chinese people through chat rooms and BBS boards.  These venues were the first ways by which Chinese citizens were able to connect with one another across the nation in a unified online space where they could share ideas, opinions and experiences.

网友网 或网友网,将会是驻北京的独立策展人、研究员及艺术家媚潇和胡子歌策划的一系列收藏的网上档案。



网友网的英文名称——Netizenet源于1984年的新创西方科技术语“Netizen” 。Internet互联网+Citizen 公民这个组合变成了“Netizen”,这个词的诞生同时象征着一种使用者之间的统一网络自由。因此,用“netizen+net”作为项目的英文名称是在直接引用八十年代西方早期定义的网络自由。相对来说,网友网这个中文名称则幽默地翻译成“互联网朋友网络”,同时参照了中国人在聊天室和BBS的早期网上互动——亦是中国公民能够与全国的公民分享想法及经历的渠道。

Chinese translations by Ophelia S. Chan – 译本 / 陈秀炜