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Bio 简历 

Michelle Lee Proksell 媚潇 (b. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1985) – Michelle is a Third Culture Adult, born in Saudi Arabia to ex-patriot American parents. She is a self-taught independent researcher, curator, artist and writer based between Europe and China. The majority of Michelle’s recent research and practice has taken place in China, which influenced her to start in 2014 in an attempt to understand the culture and her Chinese friends and fellow artists better.

As an artist she works with video, sound, performance, the Internet and her ongoing Chinternet Archive - a collection of vernacular digital artifacts from the Chinese Web. She is most interested in the physicality of the Internet and its relationship to human behavior and social interactions. She sees herself as a cultural translator using forms of media and text to express her observations from the “in between”; a place she has spent most of her life while navigating the world through various cultures IRL and online.

Michelle is currently pursuing her masters degree at                                                                                                                                         Maastricht University in the Cultures of Arts, Science and                                                                                                                           Technology.